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From Rotterdam, The Netherlands we are bringing you the FREEDOM 10K. Liberation Day in the Netherlands (Bevrijdingsdag) is on the 5th of May and is the day where the Dutch celebrate their liberation by the allies from the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands (1945). The Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany on 10th May 1940 (4 days after, Rotterdam was bombed). The Netherlands was not liberated until 5 years after this, mostly by the Canadian forces. Right after the war, it was decided that the 5th of May will be when Liberation Day takes place. Liberation Day in the Netherlands is the day after National Remembrance Day, which is held on the 4th May every year. This way, the Netherlands has two days of both remembering and celebration. In the last couple of years ‘Bevrijdingsdag’ has also really been about celebrating freedom in general. Many people, especially the younger generation, don’t know what it’s like not to live in a free society. Therefore, Liberation Day is the day to remember that we were not always free, and that we should celebrate how wonderful it is to live in that kind of society. We must not take it for granted! During these COVID-19 plagued times this is more true than ever. Join us to celebrate Dutch Liberation Day on May 5th 2020 (Bevrijdingsdag 5 mei 2020) by participating in this virtual race, The Freedom 10K and run a 10K between May 5th and May 19th 2020. No podium prizes but we will draw a winner out of the participants who will win a sponsor gift! Brought to you by these local running crews in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: GersFWD WIRUN


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  6. On Wednesday, May 20th, official results will be released, and we'll announce the winners of the final drawing.


This event is open to any and all runners. Feel free to invite your training partners, friends or family members to participate.